FAMU Connection exudes energy

In preparation for their 2010-2011 tour, the 26th edition of Florida A&M University’s Connection had an energetic performance for students and faculty members in Lee Hall last night. The FAMU Connection’s performance was filled with music, dance, pride and plenty of FAMU history.

The FAMU Connection is also used as a recruiting tool. They travel to numerous high schools with the Royal Court, promoting the university as well as exuding rattler pride.

Ronald O. Davis. founded the FAMU Connection in 1985. Former President Fredrick S. Humphries approached him with a request to create a theatrical performance to assist and entertain during recruiting events.

“The FAMU Connection is a high energy show that can relate to young people,” said Luther Well director of the FAMU Connection and FAMU’s theater department.

The FAMU Connection showcased their rattler spirit with soulful, jazzy upbeat songs.

“I felt that everyone was high energy and show lots of school spirit,” said Netta Roberts, a fourth year theater student from Tampa.

Almost everyone was out of their seats and joining The Connection in song and dance.

“The Connection was on point,” said LaBria Miller, a second year political science student, energetically. “The singing was great, and it had me up and out of my seat.”

The performers also felt the energy of the show. Their mission is to put on a performance for hopeful rattlers while displaying a positive image of FAMU.

Tiondria Cooper, a third year music student from Miami, gets chills every time she performs.

“It makes me feel like a better rattler,” said Cooper. “We’re showing these high school seniors not only a great performance, but that we are all articulate and intelligent.”

The FAMU Connection showcase is a one-time only campus sneak peak. Some of their recruiting stops include high schools in Baton Rouge, Miami, Orlando and Tampa.