It’s a FAMUly affair.”

The Office of Student Activities (OSUA) launched the first Set Friday of the year, this past Friday.

Despite the rainy weather, the Student Union was flooded with vendors, students and music from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m..

“In rain or snow I knew the students would be out here,” said Saundra Inge, Director of OSUA. “The students are getting the chance to meet new people and have fun. It’s the FAMU spirit.”

In an effort to make the first Set Friday memorable, OSUA worked in conjunction with the Student Government Association to ensure a fun and safe event. Breyon Love, Student Body Vice-President, worked closely with Inge “to get The Set back to its traditional ways.”

“We wanted to bring back the overall culture and fun of it,” said Love, 20, a third year accounting student from Atlanta. “I think it was a success. The spirit of this incoming class and the upperclassmen really showed the revamping of the rattler pride.”

Teriya Ogden, 18, a political science student from Miami, found her first Set Friday to be a great source of entertainment and a good opportunity to network.

“It was cool,” Ogden said. “it was fun to see how people vibe and seeing all the different dances.”

While Ogden says Set Friday has met her high expectations, she would like to see it moved to a different location.

“I know having it on The Set is tradition, but maybe it would be better if the setting was different,” Ogden said. “If this was in the gym or inside somewhere it might be better.”

Besides the music and food, students were also given the opportunity to shop. While companies such as The Hour Glass, Vincenzo’s Italian Ice and Comcast, were seen lining the Set, so were student entrepreneurs.

“Since 1993 FAMU has been getting vendors to come to Set Friday,” said Catherine Jefferson, Senior University Union Program Specialist. “It was started to help student entrepreneurs earn money to pay for school, groceries, rent and things like that.”

Latasha Stirrup, 21, a fourth year finance and marketing student from Miami was seen selling her greek and FAMU merchandise alongside her friend. Stirrup said making arts and crafts is one of their hobbies.

“This is our first Set Friday, were testing it out to see how it goes,” Stirrup said. “We can make and customize anything that you want.”

While the vendors lined The Set, the Dj and music filled the Rattlers Den.

“Compared to other Set Fridays the location of the music downstairs gives us more space to mingle and to visit vendors,” said Travis Roberts, 23, a fourth year social work student from Ft. Lauderdale.

As students wondered around the Rattlers Den, many walked past a banner that read “It’s a FAMUly affair.” Roberts describes the first Set Friday of the year as “the biggest family reunion ever.”