New management… Same great coverage


The Famuan has a legacy of being the voice of the student body at Florida A&M.  Returning from the Black College Conference Association as the number 1 Historically Black College or University paper in the nation, we are poised and eager to bring to the forefront the most pressing issues facing our university in it’s 123rd year.

We hope to embody and honor the legends that came before us and created the FAMU ‘brand.’ FAMU has no bigger legend than the late Dr. William P. Foster, or “Doc,” who’s innovative, high-energy, high-stepping marching techniques are the most often used among marching bands across the country.

This November, Florida residents will vote for major political positions in the state and the nation including governor and a U.S. senate seat.

The largest oil spill in history off the Gulf Coast affects regions as close as Apalachicola Bay, and local fisherman. The oil spill will affect the tourism industry in Florida’s panhandle, affecting the residents and workers that make their living there.

Budget cuts continue to plague all public universities in the state of Florida, and FAMU has not been spared. Staff restructuring, and furloughs may be on the horizon.

The university is looking to be more competitive in offering more distance learning courses online.

Over the summer, two FAMU Credit Union employees, one of whom used to be employed by the university were indicted for stealing federal funds.

We will continue to track these issues throughout the semester and give you all the important information so that you stay informed.

More than just being a responsive campus newspaper that gives breaking news updates online as they happen, The Famuan wants to be more reflective of the student body and the university community by incorporating your voices and listening to your ideas.

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