Summer Semesters Give Students Extra Time to Party

Summer is here and students in college towns have forgone their school books for booze and day time drink specials.

Nine young adults, ages ranging from 19 to 24, stood outside Cumberland Cottages apartments last Thursday.

“We’re headed to a friend’s BBQ to drink,” said Rachel Schneider, a communications student from Wilmington, Del.

Schneider and her friends loaded their trunks with 12 and 18-packs of beer, long funnels and inflatable beer pong tables, among other party favors.

 “I definitely think students drink and party more during the summer,” said Lindsay Goodwin, a third year business administration student from Snellville, Ga. “There’s less school and more time to get in trouble,”

Goodwin said her fall and spring semesters are generally hectic but her summers in Tallahassee are always boring.

Cheap liquor – like beer – is easily accessible to any college student with a few extra dollars and time to spare. Tallahassee offers plenty of daytime happy hour specials at El Jalisco’s, Los Compadres and 101 Lounge among other restaurants and bars. Drink specials include four for the price of one drinks, and free cocktails for customers over 21.

 “Store sales have gone down since the summer, but I’ve seen students drinking everywhere else around town,” said Andy Patel, general manager at A to Z Liquor Store. “I think they are drinking beer, cheap wine and grocery store liquor. My bottle prices don’t compete with cheap beer or the city’s drink specials.”

            Officer Grady of the Tallahassee Police Department has not observed a crime increase in the Traffic Department. Despite half of the city’s students are gone during the summer, Grady noticed steady crime since the beginning of the year in the unit handling driving under the influence cases, indecency and public intoxication charges.

 “My friends and I drive under the influence and drink underage,” said Goodwin. “It’s easy here. Tallahassee residents should be aware of binge drinking during summer months.”