The Famuan moves forward with a new staff and multimedia-friendly newspaper

As my yearlong term ends as Editor-in-chief, I can say that The Famuan has progressed into a multimedia-friendly newspaper with students who demand more coverage every second, minute and hour of each day.

We are keeping up with the new climate the journalism field has reached. Flipcams were on our hips, Twitter was at our fingertips and cameras were in our pockets; The Famuan is ready to give you breaking news within one minute of the occurrence. This newspaper is ready for a 24-hour online staff that can give you the latest updates about a story. I challenge the future staff to use tools the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication has provided to fully cover a story. Student journalists can use an article, graphic, photo gallery, photo essay, news package and radio piece to tell a story.

With two different staffs and a vision from the beginning of the school year to catch up with society’s ‘on-the-go’ attitude, we have drastically progressed. Uploading videos broadcast students produce and transforming Journey Magazine articles into news stories represents the convergence Director Dorothy Bland wants to instill in the new multimedia curriculum. The Famuan is at the forefront of convergence and multimedia.

The Tallahassee Democrat should continue to be our competition and students should consistently want more updates; I challenge The Famuan to continue with this legacy and take the newspaper into a new direction.

Some call the new staff a “baby staff” as well-known students graduated and freshmen and sophomores now make up the demographic of The Famuan; but this only adds to the paper’s diversity. The freshman and sophomore class are driven with fresh ideas.

My time here is done and I pass the torch to the new Editor-in-chief, Caryn Wilson.