Two popular nightclubs divide the same group of patrons in Tallahassee

Tallahassee’s newest nightclub has broadened the options for Thursday night club goers, but another Thursday night hot spot does not feel threatened by its opening.

When you enter the 20/20 nightclub located at 2020 West Pensacola St., attendees will notice an immense dance floor, two bars—more than 15 ft. in length—three dazzling chandeliers and more V.I.P. sections than Tallahassee’s average nightclub. Its lavish appeal is unrivaled by any nightclub in town and may be part of the reason why dull nights have not been common since its grand opening in January.

The only other hip-hop oriented party on Thursdays with such a dress code is the Thursday Soiree at the Mint Lounge, which celebrated its one-year anniversary Feb. 25.

However, competition does not appear to be a factor to either of the clubs’ officials.

Al Loblack, who oversees promotion of the Thursday Soiree at the Mint, has been at the establishment a year ago and said that he has not noticed a change in attendance since the 20/20’s opening in January.

“The new club buzz lasts for about two months,” said Loblack. Now that we’re at that two month point there’s nothing new about the club. We are the number one Thursday party as far as I’m concerned.”

Located at the southeast corner of W. College Avenue and Bronough Street, the Mint Lounge is not half the size of the 20/20 nightclub. With one bar and no chandeliers, its appeal does not come from its look, but its “upscale” theme reinforced by its dress code, which is similar to e 20/20’s dress code. Similar dress codes mean similar people attending both parties.

Chris Bates, a former employee of Baja’s Beach Club, which also hosts a Thursday night party, left his old job for an opportunity to manage at the 20/20 which is just yards away.

“I think there’s enough people for every club in Tallahassee,” Bates said. “It’s all about providing diversity.”

20/20’s dress code, which prohibits hats, plain t-shirts, gym shoes and flats, is enforced every night the club operates, giving the club a perennial “grown and sexy” demeanor.

Both Bates and Loblack agree that the Thursday night party at Baja’s caters to an entirely different crowd. Although all three parties are considered urban, 20/20 and Mint Lounge pride themselves on their upscale appearance. Baja’s Thursday nights have no dress code leaving them with an audience of their own.

Loblack said that if there is any competition on Thursday nights, it is between Baja’s and 20/20 due to their closeness.

When asked to choose from one of the two clubs, Dexter Sampson, a second-year social work student from Ft. Lauderdale, said the Mint Lounge is his preference.

“20/20 is too open and that makes it take too long for the party to pick up and Baja’s is too ‘hood’ for my taste,” he said.