FAMU’s predicted budget cuts drastically decrease

At the Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, President James Ammons said the Board of Governors now has to distribute appropriations and allocations to each university. The Florida legislature has submitted the budget for the entire State University System.

“Based on what we know from the draft, the budget cuts are far less severe than what we thought they would be,” Ammons said.

Teresa Hardee, vice president and chief financial officer, said the cuts would probably be less than three percent, which is down from the previously expected 15 percent. She said the legislature increased tuition by 15 percent, upped the lottery money and awarded Florida A&M non-recurring funds.

“I think the main thing we need to do is thank the legislature for making certain that the university system, and our K-12 system, have the ability to educate are students in quality way,” Ammons said.

The board also approved Roland Gaines’Vice President of Student Affairs request to enter into a financing agreement and begin the construction on Sampson and Young Halls. Ammons, who said he lived in Young Hall while in college, said construction will begin this summer and has a projected completion date of August 2011.

In addition, the resolution also includes a new 800-bed facility at the site of the old Polkinghorne Village. The dormitory was originally constructed in 1967 for military veterans and for families.

“The projected date of completion for the 800-bed, apartment-style residential community is fall of 2012,” Ammons said.

Gaines said while Sampson and Young Halls will be male dorms with a combined 242 beds. He also said the new housing facility will be co-ed.

Ammons said these additions would provide more space for freshmen and returning students who wish to stay on campus.