Student Government Association holds final senate meeting

Monday night, Florida A&M’s Student Senate held its last senate meeting of the year.

Newly elected senate president Iman Sandifer conducted the meeting. Student Body Vice President Breyon Love was one of the guests of the meeting, emphasizing his vision for the upcoming year of “creating a more cohesive student government association.”

Although Love said the administration has not yet held cabinet interviews, the appointments will be made by the end of next week.

The Judicial Branch plans to have three people on staff this summer. The president, vice president and secretary of FAMU’s Omega Xi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity were also guests at the meeting to thank the Student Senate for its financial support.

The senate’s various committees gave presentations on initiatives and goals for the upcoming year, including registering students to vote in the general elections in Tallahassee in the fall through the senate’s elections and appointment committee. Also, the E&A committee shared its proposals to decrease the number of voting precincts in student elections and allow voters to wear campaign materials on the precincts.

The senate finds itself “fostering a new era of administration,” as there are only 15 returning senators and 20 new senator appointments for fall 2010.