Florida A&M motions to have a four-day school week

What has been a far-fetched dream in the minds of students and faculty for years is finally reality. June 11, will mark the beginning of the four-day school week at Florida A& M. Last summer, the four-day school week was implemented just as an experiment. The Office of Academic Affairs found many that positives stemmed from this action. “We found that with the experiment, money was saved through energy costs, and the four-day week also contributed to the faculty and staff’s moral,” said Cynthia Hughes-Harris, the provost and vice president of FAMU’s Academic Affairs. The experiment was designed to test if the faculty can get their work done in a timely fashion. It also was designed to see the type of demeanor the faculty would have. “No work loss, people felt better about their doing and looked forward to their extra day off,” Hughes said. According to Hughes, the FAMU’s Board of Trustees provided the ultimate approval of the decision. The approval was based on a recommendation from the faculty senate, President James Ammons and his leadership team. The general consensus is concerned about the needs of summer school being met. Evidently, the change in the school week does not just provide positives. “I disagree with this motion. It is the teacher’s job to teach. Their moral should not be a concern. Students are now going to be pressed for time to complete assignments. We need the extra day,” said Sherena Murdock, a third-year food science student.