FAMU WANM 90.5 kicks week of activities

FAMU’s radio station WANM 90.5, kicked off their week on Sunday with a Gospel Extravaganza. More festivities and entertainment on and off-campus will follow as the week continues.

“Everyday is something different,” said Latara Bailey, a radio personality for WANM, who is known as DJ La. “This is my first 90.5 week, and it will be focused on a variety of things.”

According to wanm.org, the Princeton Review, which ranks the nation’s colleges and universities, ranked WANM (FM) 90.5 among the nations best, and rated the station second nationally as a Great College Radio Station.

WANM has won many awards including the Hearst Award in broadcast journalism, Florida Associated Press College Awards and the Society of Professional Journalism award. 

“It’s our 34th year anniversary; 90.5 is the oldest hip-hop radio station in Tallahassee,” said Byron J, one of 90.5’s radio personalities from Jacksonville. “It’s the first station to ever play hip-hop.”

When compared to other media outlets, FAMU’s radio station is set apart from many others. 

“FAMU is changing,” said Antoine Wood, 23, a fourth- year English student from Washington D.C. “The involvement is improving.”

Students said they are looking forward to the activities the station has planned for this week.

“I’m looking forward to hearing live band performances,” said Kristina Harvey, a 22-year-old criminal justice student from Washington, D.C. “I hope to see diversity in the music played during the week. Not just from Florida artists, but filled with go-go artists and music with meaning.”

Deidra Fields, well known as Dee Dee Roc, the station’s promotional director and on-air talent, said “90.5 week is an opportunity to give back to our listeners, promote the station, give back to the community, and for people to put a face to our personalities.”

She added, “90.5 raised me. I’ve been listening to 90.5 for years. Since I was in elementary school. For me to be a part of it is great. We’re like the urban leaders when it comes to music.”