Hip Hop Caucus event teaches students to create a greener environment

Students and community members rallied on the north lawn of the School of Journalism and Graphic communication to learn how to create a greener environment.

The Hip-Hop Caucus, National Wildlife Federation, Green Coalition and FAMU Environment and Sustainability Council sponsored the event. Activists of the go green movement encouraged students to sign declarations of energy independence. The declarations were to promote a greener economy.

Ariana Marshall of the Hip-Hop Caucus expressed to event goers that the initiative was about more than the environment. “It’s not only about the environment, it’s about our energy source”, said Marshall.At the event students were able to write letters to law makers, in particular, Senator George Lemieux, to express the need for clean energy legislation. Many of the letters written were asking for more money to be funded in to making greener jobs.

Dexter Simms, 18, a general education student from Denver, Colo., feels his letter will make a difference in the minds of lawmakers. “I know that all of our letters will not be written in vain, FAMU students have a big voice, now that I’m apart of this school, I have a big voice too.Simms expressed the need for senators and representatives to recognize the need for green jobs.

Representative Alan Williams was also present as a concerned lawmaker. Williams took the stage to remind students of the voice they have in this effort.

“As students, you guys have a golden opportunity to be the leaders of this great movement”, said Williams.Jim Walker, a local resident and former 70s anti- nuclear activist believes that the future of the green movement is still unwritten.

“You’re the future, it’s your future and you really need to think about what direction you want to take it”, said Walker.

Calvin Hayes, student body vice president also spoke to students and reminded them of their power. “Use your voice to urge senators to pass clean energy legislation,” said Hayes.Event coordinators also asked students to vote for FAMU in competition to win a $50,000 grant from Home Depot. The money would be used to turn the TV Room on the Set into an eco-friendly green room.

Ashley King, 21, a junior mathematics education student from Miami, believes the green room would be a great addition to campus.

“The green room sounds like a great idea, I would really like to have that here. If we were to get it, the Green Room, I think it would really show our dedication to this whole green everything movement”, said King.

The National Wildlife Federation recommends three steps to take action against global warming and create a cooler climate. The organization said switching to a compact fluorescent light bulb, planting a tree and making your next appliance or car purchase more energy efficient should combat global warming and create a greener environment.