How to dress to impress

Student’s hearts are racing as Graduation time approaches. Many rattlers are bracing themselves for their Capstone interviews. So exactly what are Capstones you may ask. A Capstone is an exit interview conducted much like a job interview. The student is given the opportunity to display their best work to faculty and industry professionals. Capstones are held during fall and spring semesters only. Students in FAMU’s Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Journalism schools are among some of the majors that require the passing of Capstones in order to graduate.

Preparation for this monumental event can be strenuous and mind consuming so it is important that you are aware of some helpful tips. If followed properly these tips may ease your worries and remove unnecessary stress from your life. Here are some do’s and don’ts that will assist you in your preparation for your Capstone.


· Do take the time practice your presentation.

· Do make sure that you have all the components of your

capstone in your portfolio well before your interview date.

· Do make sure that your portfolio is professional.

· Do make sure that your portfolio is visually pleasing to the eye.

· Do Make sure that you are dressed professionally in clean and pressed


· Do make sure your clothes fit you properly.

· (For male students)Do take the time to get a haircut for your presentation.

· (For female students)Do make sure that your hair is neat and clean.

· Do be sure that your nails are cut and well groomed.

· Do take the time to think before you speak during your presentation.

· Do Practice speaking clearly in front of a person who will give you an honest critique.

· Do make sure to give yourself ample time to leave your home and arrive to your Capstone with time to spare.


· Don’t wear excessive jewelry

· Don’t wear excessive of distasteful makeup.

· Don’t be heavy handed with perfumes and colognes

· Don’t wear tight or revealing garments and anything denim should be avoided.

· Don’t linger around the Capstone area after you have finished your presentation, this can distract other students.

· Don’t be late for your scheduled Capstone time.


These lists of do’s and don’ts should be a tremendous help during your time of preparation for your presentation. Remember that your Capstone is a taste of what an interview may be like in the real world, with that being said; it is imperative that you put your best foot forward. You are expected to be proud of the work that you are presenting. If you take pride in your presentation the confidence should follow close behind. Practice being calm and pacing yourself and your Capstone experience should not be frightful but enjoyable. So, polish your shoes, iron your best suit and walk into your Capstone presentation with a smile on your face and your head held high.