Retool your school Contest Brief

Florida A&M is competing in the Home Depot “Retool your school” contest. The contest will give $150,000 in grants to the winning HBCU to upgrade the school’s campus.

FAMU’s specific initiative is to use the money to develop a more green-friendly “Orange Room.” Renovations would include remodeling the “TV Room” with an open lounge, mini-theater/meeting space, kiosks and displays with sustainability messages, motion-controlled LED lighting, free filtered water to provide to students, a recycling station and fresh plants.

Also, the money would be put towards collecting rain water in an above-ground, gravity fed storage tank that would not require electricity. The tank would pump water into a campus sprinkler system near the dorm complex. Landscaping would use indigenous plants and solar-powered lighting.

Alumni, students, faculty, and family members are all permitted to participate in voting. The 11 winning schools will be announced on June 15, 2010, so vote now!


Here’s the link: