Handling stress is part of college courseload

There has been an influx of student patients at Florida A&M’s counseling center this semester. Sources attribute the rise to stress-related issues.

Allison Lockard, a counselor at FAMU’s Sunshine Manor, said stress is very common among college-aged individuals.

“Stress is an issue for students because they are trying to juggle a lot at one time, such as school work, their families and a social life,” said Lockard. “Students need to try and keep a balance in their life and try not to let stress control or interfere with their everyday life.”

Lockard said students should maintain balance in their life by showing the different ways of keeping the body healthy. One of those methods includes taking time to rest when the body feels fatigued.

However, many students feel that they can handle their stress issues on their own. Some feel that they do not need the help of others. When students do not seek help, stress can lead to depression, drug use, poor academics performance and poor decision-making.

Armia Crumity, 35, a second-year economics student, said she is overwhelmed as she tries to balance home, work and school.

“Its hard to trying to keep my house in order, get good grades and maintain a healthy work ethic when I am stressed out,” said the Tallahassee native.

Crumity said her job plays a major part in the stress that she deals with.

“Because I need a job to help support my family, it is something that causes a great deal of stress for me,” said Crumity.

She added that she used to see a counselor to deal with the issues at work.

“I think at some point you have to realize when you need help. There is nothing wrong with talking to someone that can help with your problem,” Crumity said.

Marcella Marlowe, 21, a senior biology student from Chattahoochee, Fla., said giving her mind and body a chance to rest helped her to relieve tension.

“I knew that it was time to make a change with my study habits when I fell asleep and left the stove on” said Marlowe.

Students are likely to encounter stress and fatigue toward the end of the semester as finals approach.

To find out more information on how to deal with stress, visit www.stressmanagementtips.com or contact Sunshine Manor at 850-599-3145.