Why are African Americans so quick to pull the race card?

The University of South Carolina will no longer have an African American serve on its 16-member Board of Trustees.

 This decision will take effect this month, when the board of trustees lone black member, Samuel Foster, is replaced by the General Assembly. 

Leaders of the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus are urging local students who are considered “football stars” to steer clear of the institution, due to the fact that there will no longer be a black face on the board. 

Upon reading the many articles that featured this story, my initial reaction was to further investigate the details of the story. To find out why the only black member on the board was given the axe. 

After further reading, the conclusion had been reached. Samuel Foster resigned from the USC Board of Trustees because federal agents charged him with bank fraud. 

According to the Free Times, USC is still facing scrutiny over its relationship with Foster’s bank, BB&T. 

Unfortunately, further investigation is not something that most readers challenge themselves to do. 

Reading many articles posted would have led me to believe that Samuel Foster was let go for reasons dealing with his race. 

This leads one to ask, why are African Americans so quick to pull the race card? 

Discouraging local talent from attending this institution of higher learning based on opinion is simply not the answer.  Pulling the race card for situations is simply not the answer. 

I fully understand the need for blacks to band together for needs due to racial inequity.

The issue should be closely evaluated before race is labeled a factor.