Florida A& M University plans to do another increase in tuition

Tuition and fees for labs, technology, athletics and miscellaneous others are set to increase in the upcoming 2010-2011 school year.

Friday the university’s fee committee met to hear proposals for student fees the committee made several recommendations on student fee proposals by different departments and colleges of the university.

Many of the departments asking for money had no type of fee set in place for students to contribute to their classroom learning experience outside of tuition.

Ruena Norman, the interim dean for the College of Nursing proposed a six percent student fee increase stretching from 2010 to 2013.

The six percent jump in cost will run students $434 for new students admitted after August 2010, $460 for new student admitted after August 2011 and $487 for students admitted after 2012.

Each proposed fee will be accumulated over a five semester period and will be allocated entirely to the Assessment Technologies Institute.

After hearing Norman’s presentation the committee recommended the fee be imposed.

The School of Pharmacy also came to the committee seeking a student fee increase.

Henry Lewis, dean of the School of Pharmacy, explained that while they ask for a fee increase, the amount of classes requiring fees has gone down.

“In our old curriculum we had four classes requiring student fees,” Lewis said. “This time we’re only asking for student fees for three classes, so that’s actually a decrease.”

Lewis asked for an increase of $15 to the student fees for a total of $30. The fees will cover the cost of lab equipment such as chemicals, disposable supplies and glassware.

According to Lewis, these tools will better prepare students to compete in practical situations through the application of hands on experience. The committee recommended the fee increase, and has estimated revenue of $4,500.

Kelly Wilks, 18, a first-year general education student, said she is not happy with the possibility of the increase, but understands that the school has to remain competitive.
“I want to get into [Florida A&M University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences],” Wilks said.

“Of course no one wants to pay more money, but if we want to be the best we have to have the best education. That includes books and lab equipment.”

Michael Smith, interim athletic director of the athletics department, proposed a $2 increase in student athletic fees, which would move the student fee up from $11.30 per credit hour to $13.30 per credit hour. After a deliberation with the committee the proposal was recommended at $1.32 increase.

A fee increase was also recommended for FAMU’s Law School. The recommendation consisted of a $750 per semester price tag for each student. Included in the 20-30 percent increase for materials is a $200,000 allotment for the purchase of bar prep materials for current students.

Cynthia Hughes-Harris, university provost, was also present to relay tuition information to the committee.

“We are anticipating a 15 percent increase in tuition, eight percent will be automatic,” Hughes-Harris said.

The Board of Trustees will evaluate recommendations from the fee committee two more time before final approval is reached.