Erykah Bady causes controversy in her sixth album

The soul singer Erykah Badu is back with her sixth album “Amerykah: Part 2: Return of Ankh.”

This album is a follow up to her gold selling album “New Amerykah: Part 1: Fourth Gold War.”

Once again, Badu is preaching the revolutionary words of freedom, all while giving her fans a new perspective on worldly issues.

Her highly anticipated album was released on March 30 and drew in many listeners to hear what pallets she would paint with her words.

Badu’s first single “Window Seat,” featured a racy music video that has already become an eyebrow raiser.

Throughout the video, Badu is seen in the Dallas streets stripping near the site where John F. Kennedy, Jr. was assassinated.

The moment after she takes off her last piece of clothing, the singer is shot by an unseen assassin.

Critics have claimed this was disrespecful to the late president JFK, but for Badu it was her way of self-expression and freeing herself.

According to MTV News, Badu has been charged with disorderly conduct and will have to pay a $500 fine, after police officers in Dallas received a complaint about the nude shoot.

Badu came in at number three on the billboard chart selling 130,000 copies. This album sold more than that of “New Amerykah: Part 1,” which sold 125,000 copies its first week on the billboard charts.

Her next single off the album will be “20 feet tall.” In this song, Badu is giving her fans a lesson in self-assertiveness. Throughout this album, Badu teaches lessons of individuality and freedom.

“Amerykah: Part 2: Return of Ankh” is sure to be deemed an album keep-sake. Badu delivers and fans will not be disappointed.

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