Steak and cheese fajitas with yellow rice under $10

It is 7 o’clock you are leaving school walking to your car after a long day filled with classes. Then you search for your car keys that are buried deep in your bag your stomach starts to rumble, it is dinner time once again.

It is undeniable that your taste buds and waistline are suffering from a fast food overload. Instead of a burger and fries tonight why not treat yourself to a delicious and inexpensive home cooked meal?

Try something new and indulge in a steak fajita with a side of yellow rice.

It does not take much time or money to create this restaurant style dish, and all of the ingredients can be purchased for under $10!To create this irresistible meal you will need: a package of fajita style steak strips ($3.29), fajita bread ($1.89), provolone cheese($1.99), a sauce of your choice that you have at home, and a small package of yellow rice (89 cents).To begin, pour ¼ cup of water into a small frying pan and bring the water to a boil. Next take your steak strips out of the package and wash the meat thoroughly in cool water. Once you have rinsing place your steak strips into the frying pan and let them cook for 5 to 7 minutes. While your meat is cooking you will have time to prepare the yellow rice.

Follow the directions on the rice package and allow it to cook while you continue preparing the rest of the meal. Be sure to follow the directions for cooking the rice correctly. Frequently check on the side dish to make sure that it does not overcook or burn.Once you have followed the steps and the rice is cooking on the stove you can return to the steak to finish cooking it. At this point the steak strips should be partially cooked. Turn down the heat of the stove eye to about medium temperature that the meat is cooking on and pour about half of the water out of the frying pan. Next place the frying pan back on the stove and proceed to season the meat with your choice of seasonings.

Make sure that you are careful when seasoning so that you do not over season the meat.After the meat is cooked place a few steak strips in the center of your fajita bread. Pour a table spoon of the sauce of your choice over the meat and then place a slice of provolone cheese over the meat. If you wish, you can place your fajita into the microwave for about 20 seconds to melt the cheese over the meat. Finally remove you fajita from the microwave, fold it to secure its contents, place a scoop of rice on your plate and enjoy!Who says that fast foods are the best way to save money?

With a little time and creativity you can have fun creating a delicious restaurant style dish in your home for under $10.