Leggings come back to the fashion “it” list to stay

Weather walking around campus or enjoying a night on the town you will more than likely see someone with leggings on. Leggings made a comeback in 2005 after being off of fashions “it list” for a while. Now you can’t go to the grocery store without seeing a woman with them on.

Leggings are worn with everyday wear and in some cases fashionable evening wear. They are also relatively inexpensive ranging from $5-$65, which makes them one of those many things that every girl should have in their closet.

Though leggings are one of the most important parts of fashion right now, they are still prone to be on the “fashion don’t” list due to people’s fashion faux pas. According to an online article by Glamour Magazine “leggings are just that, they are not pants.” The most common mistake made with leggings seems to be women wearing them as pants; “there should always be something to cover up the derrière” says student Chrishae Moss.Leggings in most cases are very sheer, even the thick ones and leave very little to the imagination; so it’s really a question of taste whether you choose to cover up your leggings with a cute blouse or a mini dress.

It has been a long time in the world of fashion that there is a trend for all different women body types. There are still guidelines to follow though such as if your short try wearing a shorter legging, if you have a full figure you should try to stay away from sheer or brightly colored leggings. Always remember that leggings are not suppose to be the highlight of your outfit, they should serve as just an accent to an already finished look. All shoe types are pretty much acceptable, though for a more polished look stay away from sneakers and reach for the “pretty” flats or the fierce heels to jazz it up.

In the end of the day ladies, wear the right leggings can have anyone on the “Best Dressed List”