Super Vegan Me: A meat lover’s journey in attempting to change his eating behaviors

As I walked through the isles of the Wal-Mart Super Center on Apalachee Parkway, I couldn’t help but notice that almost every item in my shopping cart had to go back on the shelf.

It wasn’t because a lack of funds or an odd allergy; I had made the choice to become vegan. So out went the macaroni & cheese, milk, and all meat products.

My desire to switch up my eating habits alarms most when they first hear it; however, it has been a topic on my mind for quite some time. Because of the many conspiracy theories about the United States food industry and health care system, I decided to make the lifestyle change.

In addition to those factors, my desire to live a healthy life, free of most preventable diseases was the reason for my change. I feel many of the health issues arise because of the common foods most Americans eat.

My journey to veganism has not been a smooth one because I am unaware of how to make certain changes.

To help ease my way into this lifestyle, I’ve allotted myself a transitioning period. I put the macaroni and cheese back into my shopping cart. After all, cutting all of these food products at one time would be close to suicide in my opinion.

All in all, my road to veganism will not be easy. Sure, cutting out all the fast food shouldn’t be a problem; however, it’s going to take serious dedication to do this.