Momo’s pizza doesn’t live to its hype

With a slogan like: “Slices as big as your head!” Momo’s Pizza is sure to grab the attention of many who may come by just to see if the slogan is true.

Momo’s Pizza is a restaurant that can only be found in Tallahassee and has two locations, 1416 W. Tennessee St. and 1410 Market St. Serving close to everything that a standard pizzeria would serve, Momo’s has won the patronage of mostly college students.

As I drove up the Tennessee Street strip, I saw Momo’s Pizza’s sign displayed next to a couple of other restaurant signs. I turned into the entrance, only to see Momo’s Pizza sitting in the cut behind Moe’s Southwestern Grill and Firehouse Subs.

The building was small with partially tinted windows and kind of puts me in the mind of a juke-joint.

I walked inside the restaurant and was shocked, at the dirty and un-tiled floor that lied beneath me.

I decided to place my order and waited under the sound of blaring rock music. I glanced around the crowded place and stood in the uncoordinated assembly line.

Here are some of the things on Momo’s menu. One slice of cheese pizza ($3.25), 16″ medium pizza ($11.95); 20″ large pizza ($14.50); 30″ extra large pizza ($22.75); Calzones ($7.95); along with other items and specialties.

After ordering a slice of grilled chicken pizza and taking a seat, I was ready to taste this highly talked about monster size pizza. The waitress brought my food and I dug in with a fork.

I kept eating, still anticipating that the pizza was going to somehow get better as I ate, but to my disappointment, it did not. The overall flavor was amateur and just “ok” versus scrumptiously delicious.

The pizza was edible, but dry because of the lack of sauce and the crust became hard as I ate. I hated the thinness of the crust, but maybe that is because my preference is thick crust.

The cleanliness of the restaurant was horrible. It was clustered and although fun to watch, as the dough spinner tossed dough in the air, he would catch it with his bare arms which were positioned near his uncovered long brown beard.

Disgusting! I could have been eating a strand of his arm hair with every bite. After visiting Momo’s, I felt as if I needed to eat some better tasting pizza from elsewhere to counteract the Momo’s experience.

Rating Momo’s on a score of 1 to 10:
Food: 3
Price: 8
Cleanliness: 2
Costumer service: 10
Atmosphere: 1
Overall average: 4