Marching 100 pairs with Image Modeling Troupe to host a fashion show

FAMU’s infamous Marching 100 paired with Images Modeling Troupe to host a fashion show in support of Relay For Life this past Thursday.

The event was held in Foster Tanner band building from 8 p.m. to 10p.m. The venue was filled with marching band members, professors, and general supporters.

“The show was fun. We were really into Relay For Life. After doing research, we saw that it was a good cause and decided to support it. We thought it would be a good way to raise money for cancer research,” said the show’s fashion director, Soila Konchellah, a graduate marketing and product development student from Belle Glade.

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life allows people who have been affected by the disease to remember lost loved ones, celebrate their triumph over the disease, and support the cause.

The first scene of the show was “Support the Cure”, where band members wore hip-hop clothing.

According to Honesty Brennan, a third-year business administration student and band member from Atlanta, “It was a good turnout for the first show.”

In the second scene titled, The 100…Grown & Sexy, they donned Cosmo attire. Most of the members had never modeled before and expressed their fear and excitement backstage. Marching 100 band members proved to be multi-talented by displaying a basic knowledge of modeling techniques.

Tiaira Gilbert,18, a first-year African American studies student and Images model from Washington, D.C. said, “Images backs Relay For Life and its efforts. The band members impressed me and I was surprised at the huge turnout.”

Relay For Life is a community event. Event sites are selected based on how communities identify themselves. A town or small city may see itself as one community. Larger cities are usually made up of several different communities and neighborhoods.

The third scene, which was Images Modeling Troupe’s feature scene, was comprised of more hip-hop inspired fashion.

First-year business administration student, Cedarian Mincy, from Miami said, “The event was well organized. The band showed they have talents far beyond music. They showed that they could be in a modeling troupe if they wanted. Also, Images displayed why the student body voted them the best modeling troupe at the BA Choice Awards.”

The final scene, OMG…Here come the Preps!, was a funky, preppy themed show where band members and models sported prep school uniforms to upbeat pop music.

Jenna Thorne,18, a broadcast journalism and political science double major from Atlanta says “I think it was a brilliant idea for Marching 100 to get with Images to put on this show.

Although Images showed their usual talent, the band members brought a certain ‘something’ which was very entertaining. I love how the organizations at FAMU reached beyond what they’re called upon to do to support a cause.”