Insecure women can ruin confident women with their phony attitude

It is 8 o’ clock on a Wednesday morning, a group of three girls talk about their amazing weekend and everything seems friendly. Suddenly, one leaves to go to the bathroom. The other two change their conversation… “Oh my gosh, she is so dumb. It is so embarrassing to be seen with her around campus, like seriously.”

The eloquent exchange between the two became more and more vulgar while referring to the other girl. They say things that are hard for one to listen to without being shocked. Their front around the other girl was Oscar worthy. When she is around, they are good friends who are always giving compliments to her bad weave, old clothes and love the fact she is also in a sorority.

Their version of sisterhood is not how Webster’s Dictionary defines it. “Sisterhood is the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences or concern.” In this case what these girls have is a, “friend with benefits relationship.”

Unfortunately, mankind is no stranger to his kind of behavior. In the Bible, Psalm 34:13 speaks about taming the tongue, “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit.” The media displays this theme through a variety of facets. The 2004 movie Mean Girls, demonstrates the reality of superficial women, in which young girls are criticized because of their inability to blend into the plastic lives of the popular girls-trashy and well known in school for being way too advanced for their age group.

Nicholl McGuire, published poet and freelance writer, gives five tips to release yourself from a situation similar to Mean Girls in an Associated Content column entitled, How to Avoid Insecure Women Friends: Beautiful People with Low Self-Esteem. “First do not invite them to your house or any place you might go. Second avoid confrontation by opening up and letting them know how you feel about your “friendship” over the phone. Third stop using them for anything starting from companionship to employment. Fourth do not introduce them to anyone that you have contact with. Fifth gradually become distant by reducing the amount of time spent with her,” said McGuire.

There is only one valid explanation for women behaving in such a manner: insecurity. Most of these girls who are constantly picking on other female classmates, teachers and employees are not satisfied with themselves. One does not need to be a psychic to figure out how insecure women end up; they will be alone.