FAMU offers counseling services to students affected by earthquake

Since the earthquake in Haiti, various organizations and schools within the university are finding ways to help with relief efforts.

A free service that is often overlooked is the university’s counseling services. The office said they have seen a spike in visitations since the Haiti earthquake.

Allison Lockard, the assistant director of counseling services at Florida A&M, said, “The main thing we are offering to the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti, along with all other students, is support. We are encouraging everyone to use their 12 sessions for comfort and coping skills.”

Lockard said she has noticed an increase in visitation since the earthquakes.

“Some people have reached out and come in to vent so I would say more people are coming in.” She encourages students to use the services early instead of waiting until you are not doing well. 

Students do not always take advantage of the counseling services in hard times.
Molly Tyson, 19, a civil engineering major from Orlando, said, “Most students don’t feel like they’re crazy!”

Alkia Shipman, 20, a theater major from Ft. Lauderdale, said, “I think students don’t use it [Counseling Services] because they have friends they can go to or they might not trust the counselors.”

According to Florida A&M’s Web site, as required by law, counseling sessions at the Office of Counseling Services are confidential.

The mission of the Office of Counseling Services of Florida A & M University is to increase students’ academic success, self-awareness, and knowledge of potential growth and challenges of collegiate experiences through outreach, counseling, consultation, and crisis intervention. 

Breakout Box: Counseling Services is located in 101 Sunshine Manor, across from Tucker Hall and in between the Black Archives and the Gore Education Complex. They offer services dealing with stress, time/anger management, depression, and group counseling along with other initiatives to appeal to the student body.