Obama’s new plan prompts different responses

Members of Congress experienced more hurdles in Washington D.C. Local Tea Party protesters got ugly by shouting out racial slurs and spitting on some members of Congress.

With the divide widening on issues such as healthcare, the economy and employment, many angry Americans are finding new ways to get their opinions heard. The Tea Party protesters have begun to take their fight against the Obama Administration and Democratic Party to Capitol Hill. Some democratic members of Congress have stated publicly that they have endured hate chants and derogatory statements at them while they were doing public duties in Washington.

The actions of the protesters demonstrate how polarized politics can become when discussing divisive issues in our nation. Instead of coming together to solve problems that the nation and government face, some American citizens feel that mean spirited protests is the way to go about creating change.

According to reports by CNN, Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga), who was a leader in the historic Civil Rights movement, was one of several congressmen who stated they were verbally attacked. Lewis claimed the crowd outside the Capitol shouted the “n-word” several times as he made his way into the building.

Congressmen Barney Frank (D-Mass), who is an openly gay member of the House of Representatives, and Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo), were affected by the opposition’s uproar.

Congressman Frank stated openly to the media that he was greeted by angry protesters and was called “faggot” and “homo” many times over. Cleaver announced also that he was spat on while going to his office in Washington.

Many view these protesters as radical republicans who are trying to block the democratic ideals. Ironically, some members of the GOP have been subjected to fierce attacks by some the constituents that were upset with how they handled the bill. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va) said that a bullet was fired into his campaign office in Richmond, Va. on Wednesday. Cantor is the highest-ranking Jewish official in the U.S., and the only Jewish member of the GOP in the House.

The Tea Party organizers are actually starting to get the support of American’s across the nation. According to a national telephone survey conducted by POLITICOL, 23 percent stated that they preferred to vote for a candidate from “Tea Party” for Congress in 2010.

Tea Party protesters and activists have defended themselves by saying they are entitled to free speech and opinions. According to the National Tea Party website, the organization has proclaimed itself to believing in free speech, military strength, secure borders across the United States and especially, limited government.