Graduating seniors and incoming freshmen face MAPP test

Imagine this scene: a graduating senior goes to the bookstore to try on his cap and gown. He goes to the counter and the clerk asks for his graduation card. Graduation card? The clerk tells him that he cannot try on his garments because he did not complete the Measurement of Academic Proficiency and Progress test.

The MAPP test is administered to incoming freshmen, juniors and graduating seniors as a way to measure how Florida A& M students are retaining the material from their general education program. Janae Perry, 21, a fourth-year business administration student from Clinton, Md., said her experiences at FAMU have taught her to never stop until she gets what she wants.

“FAMU has taught me how to market, social skills, persistence,” said Perry.

Brandi Newkirk, FAMU coordinator of academic support service, said that the test is a way to see how students have processed four years of education at the university. Newkirk is responsible for offering technical assistance for students who need help attaining samples of MAPP tests online.

The 40-minute test analyzes reading, mathematics, writing, and critical thinking skills in the humanities, social sciences and natural science subject areas. Students should close all windows on their computer when accessing the test interface system.

Test scores will be displayed at the end of the exam. Students are required to print the score and submit it to the university registrar’s office, in addition to a receipt that proves their completion of the exit survey. Both items will be necessary for students looking to receive their graduation card, which allows them to pick their cap and gown.

Rubin Wilkins, 22, a fourth-year public relations student from Boynton Beach, Fla., agrees with the university decision to do an assessment test. Wilkins said he is confident with the ethical values and drive FAMU has instilled in him. He said and that his future in the work force will be a promising one.

The web address is and the session number is 10246-9293322. The testing session started on Feb.1 and will end on April 23.

For more information regarding the test or sample questions go to, or contact technical support, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST via e-mail,, or contact Brandi Newkirk at (850) 412-5266.