Underground artists overlooked

Boy Meets World, Fashawn (2009): This album
is arguably atypical artistry for an early 20-something.
Fashawn, a Fresno, Ca., native serves as a shining
example for his lyrically immature contemporaries to

Ghostdini, Wizard of Poetry in Emerald
City, Ghostface Killah (2009):
Former Wu-
Tang member, Ghostface Killah, demonstrates the
importance longevity in hip-hop in his seventh studio

The Ecstatic, Mos Def, (2009): Mos Def is not
just a rapper. From Broadway to the big screen, he has
tapped into almost every face of the entertainment
industry. Mos Def accomplished this without ever
falling victim to the corporate sponsored propaganda
that surrounds hip-hop today. His latest work is no

Montezuma’s Revenge, Souls of Mischief,
Souls of Mischief is a group that fi nds
triumph in their longevity with their fi fth studio
album. The eclectic lyrical styling on this album has
been present in their music since the inception of the
group in 1993. There style has been carbon copied
by today’s hip-hop artists, however, Montezuma’s
Revenge shows that the artistry displayed by Souls of
Mischief is still second to none.

Brooklynati, Tanya Morgan, (2009):
Morgan is a group that is dangerously reminiscent of
the late 1990’s group, Camp Lo. Despite the uncanny
similarities between the two groups, Tanya Morgan sets
itself apart by utilizing an innovative tool, Internet. All
of this group’s albums are produced via email or fax.
Brooklynati offers listeners relevant subject matter,
which is complimented by nostalgic beats.