Make up is cheaper online versus store

Makeup is expensive, especially eye shadow. Women have to choose between quality and quantity.

Women of all cultures and places in the world spend large amounts of money on make-up to enhance their natural beauty. Individual designer eye shadow pots, depending on the manufacturer and brand, can cost anywhere from $8 to $35.

Women’s options for more diverse and vibrant colors are sometimes limited due to the high prices for designer brands. Some ladies choose not to indulge in too many colors due to this financial dilemma.

Janae Perry, 21, a senior business administration student from Clinton, Md., said, ” I don’t wear make up. I have friends that have MAC, with cases like they’re makeup artists with L’Oreal Hip, Bare Essentials and MAC.”

The expensive price of buying make-up alone is enough to deter those who would like to experiment with the art of applying cosmetics.

While Perry may prefer the natural look, Tnijah Smith, 19, a sophomore in political science said, “I really only wear eye shadow, so I wear MAC or HiP.” When asked about using an alternative supplier Smith said, ” I would buy it but I would have to try it out first.”

So here is an inexpensive option. Instead, of going to the mall or the local department store, shop for cheaper eye shadow palettes online. Online offers a variety of
color without the designer price.

Imagine going to the mall and purchasing $100 worth of cosmetics only to walk out with a small bag and maybe eight items inside. Now, take that same $100 and go online to discount cosmetic Web site and a few days later receiving four eye shadow palettes for
the price of eight singles.

“They spend a ridiculous amount on make up,” said Perry about her friend’s makeup purchases.

A few popular companies online are selling various eye shadow palettes with a large variety of colors for the same price you would pay for a few designer eye
shadow pots.

“If the quality was as good as the products that I use now, I would buy them because you get way more for your money,” Smith said.

Four emerging vendors online are selling Manly and Beauty Factory, and These four companies basically sell the same types of palettes.

These two sites feature 88 matte palettes, 88 shimmer palettes, 88 warm palettes, 88 neutral/ warm palettes, 28 neutral palettes and 26 eye shadow and blush combo palettes.

According to the offi cial BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents Web sites, the prices of these palettes range from $18.85- $24.95, depending on the palette and company.

On E-bay, the Manly and Beauty Factory’s most popular palette consists of 120 different colors. There is also a 180 color palette which costs a little more.

Other discount or inexpensive brand sites online give great deals such as,, just to name a few.