# Fail -Top 4 fashion trends to discontinue

The Ballerina Flat- Ladies, Why must we insist on wearing-out our flats?

Believe it or not there is a right and WRONG way to wear fl ats. What we usually see around campus is the black,faded flat that is leaning to the side.

This look is never in. Desiree Stimptert, a published shoe expert, said, “Since flats usually aren’t as dynamic as heels, look for fl ats in fashionable colors, lush materials and rich textures to help jazz up your look.”

So flats are OK to wear you just have to make them fashionable.

“Accents like buckles, straps, gems or bows can also add a lot of interest to a pair of flats, Stimpert said “although it’s best not to go overboard with embellishments.”

Fake Designer Bags-It’s no secret that as college students, most of us do not have the resources to purchase authentic designer anything, so ladies who are you fooling? If you are dependent on your net check to survive at Florida A&M, I know for sure that the fake Chanel, Coach or imitation Louis Vuitton you clutch ever so tightly, was not purchased with a life time warranty and separate cloth carrying case. But I will give you benefit of the doubt. Check out Tips on FakeDesigner Bags by Greyson Ferguson on ehow.com: via www.thefamuanonline.com Ferguson shares that it is essential to check the tag, seams and country of origin when purchasing a bag. Another alternative to this is purchasing authentic bags you can afford such as brands like Guess, Liz Claiborne, Jessica Simpson
and others that can be found at discount stores such as Ross and Marshalls.

Death to Air Force Ones- Fellas, Nelly’s hit “Air Force One’s” was out in 2001 along with the release of his CD Nellyville. I would like to think 8 years later as we have matured our fashion has followed. Apparently not. A lot of brothers on campus are sporting either dirty white air force ones or even the 2-tone colored pair. WHY? Shoes are one of those single accessories you can use to broadcast your personality. Do not waist them on a trend from over 5 years ago!

10 Fashion Tips for Men, by Syvile Branch on Mademen.com says: “Take a risk and
try something different.” Something Males on campus should be investing in as they develop as a professional males.

Something to think about!

Butt Wear- This goes out to the men AND women on campus. There is nothing cute about a trademark plastered on your backside! This means the Coogi, Apple bottom, Baby Phat and “Girbaud” apparel needs to be burned. These trends are not even Goodwillworthy. As budding professionals we should take pride in our appearance and the image we portray. These trends have negative connotations such as “hood” and low class. How can you be
taken seriously when you are bringing unnecessary attention to body parts. We know the particular brands that have enormous logos and designs throughout their clothing are expensive, but do not compromise the taste of the item you are wearing just because you want people to know you paid a lot of money for it. Kinowear.com also mentions: “Ask
yourself if you would buy the garment if it didn’t have a logo on it.” If the answer
is no (which it should be), TRASH IT!