CIA provides job and internship opportunities to students

Representatives from the Central Intelligence Agency were on Florida A&M University’s campus Tuesday, to provide information about job and internship opportunities with the agency.

“We offer jobs to 50 different career disciplines,” said Tom A., Retention and Diversity Outreach Coordinator.

The CIA supports the president, the National Security Council and all who make and execute as National Security by providing global intelligence to U.S. policymakers.

“We are the Nations first line of defense,” A. said. “Collecting information and analyzing it are the key things we do.”

Directorates of Intelligence are the analysts. Their key skills consist of good writing and thinking critically. Directorates of Intelligence serve the president, directly guide him and meet with him every day with the exception of Sunday. They also must prepare a daily brief for the president that is two pages or less.

The Directorate of Support provides security. The Clandestine Service is the frontline source of secrecy information from international developments, such as terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, political issues and military.

“A typical day in the life of a Directorate of Intelligence is interesting,” A. said. “We represent diversity of the U.S.”

However, the CIA also offers jobs in Directorate of Science, Engineering and Technology. These positions involve chemistry, listening devices, satellites and more. The CIA also offers paid internships to college students.

“We plan to get 100 interns next summer in our Directorates of Intelligence Department,” A. said.

According to A., the convergence rate for students that intern with the CIA is 85 percent.

The workshop concluded with a 30 minute, one-on-one session for students who pre-registered to have their resumes overlooked by CIA recruiters. The recruiters offered online application assistance and tips on how to tailor your resume for a CIA position.

“The workshop was a success,” said Reggie Hall, alum of the School of Business and Industry. “I plan to go online and submit my application immediately.”