FAMU School of Business and Industry plans to offer two new degrees in their program

Florida A&M graduates are able to slide into corporate America with ease after receiving training from our School of Business and Industry. Recently SBI Dean Shawnta Friday- Stroud has developed plans for SBI to offer a bachelor of science and a master of science entrepreneurship. The FAMU Board of Trustees recently approved SBI’s plans to develop a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in entrepreneurship.Three of Florida’s biggest public research universities already offer degrees in the area of entrepreneurship. Florida State University offers an undergraduate major in entrepreneurship. University of Florida and University of South Florida offer a minor in entrepreneurship as well as a M.S. degree in the field.Small businesses are responsible for over half of America’s new jobs. In a recession, a lot of people have taken an interest in being self-reliant and business ownership appears to be a tantalizing idea. Small businesses are particularly important in the development of minority communities, as they serve as generators of wealth in their respective locales. SBI has hopes to be the premier school for producing small black business owners.“There is a dearth of viable small and minority businesses,” SBI officials wrote in the university’s Strategic Plan. “An emphasis in entrepreneurship can prepare aspiring business owners and promote job creation and wealth accumulation in the local, state and national environments, particularly in minority communities.”The new programs seems to be a great move for SBI and the university community considering that the program has, in the past, prepared students to be an asset to a business rather than start their own. Hopefully, recruitment and retention rates will heightened now that the SBI has cornered a very significant market.