College of Engineering Sciences Technology and Agriculture receives horses

Veterinary students have a better way to prepare them for their animal
science careers.

Two racehorses have found a new home at the Animal Complex and Facility at the university’s Research and Development Center in Quincy, Fla.

New York stallion, Smooth Jazz, and Florida stallion, Alysweep, were donated to the FAMU College of Engineering Sciences Technology and Agriculture (CESTA) program by Jim
Davis, a retired FAMU administrator and graduate. Davis owns a horseracing training facility in Ocala, Fla., where he bred both animals.

“I’ve been giving horses to Tuskegee Institute veterinary program and as an A&M graduate, I felt I should at least do the same for our program,” Davis said.

Davis said in a letter to Makola Abdullah, dean and director of the CESTA, that he wanted to make the contribution to an important program that prepares FAMU students for an occupation that needs qualified employees.

The horses will be used to aid students majoring in animal science programs (pre-veterinary and veterinary technology) with hands-on training in the area of handling skills, reproduction and breeding and equine husbandry and health management Director of Animal Health, DVM, Eric Peterson, said in a press release, that the stallions would be invaluable educational resources for the students to have fi rst-hand instruction necessary to prepare students for their profession.

“This experiential training is imperative for students as they prepare for careers in veterinary
medicine animal science and veterinary technology,” said Peterson.