College of Engineering SciencesTechnology Agriculture tries to embrace students

CESTA’s Academic Support Services is offering students a chance to interact with the college’s faculty at the CESTA Social.

“I believe my job is not only to recruit but to retain, advise, and counsel current students,” said Taquasha Freeman, coordinator of academic support services.

She said she wants students to be able to see and interact with the professors outside of the normal lecture-classroom setting.

“Our college is small so we kind of are like a family. I’m doing this to show the students we [the faculty] care. We actually care,” said Freeman.

The event takes place April 10 at the campus recreation field from noon to 3 p.m. and there will be a plethora of activities such as: basketball, kickball, flag football, spades, music and more. There will also be food and giveaways.

Kashney Welch, a third-year agriculture business student from Jacksonville, said, “Students in our college are often times disconnected with their professors and also students outside of the college don’t truly understand or know what CESTA is truly about.”

Welch said the event will help accomplish goals and ideas as well as bridge the gap between students and faculty. “This is the true meaning of what our college means to FAMU.”

Cynthia Portalatin, USDA Agriculture Liaison said, “CESTA will have offer plenty of opportunities such as a scholarship from the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Department.”

CESTA intends on upholding the university motto, “Excellence with caring.” With the implementation of the CESTA social, hopefully students will be able reconnect with professors and plan for a bright future.