Petite women struggle shopping

Women of short or petite stature have a hard time shopping for clothes at the mall and chain stores.

Their choices are to alter every article of clothing or shop in specialty stores and boutiques.
Some ladies are so small that they have to shop in the juniors’ section of department stores. Low and behold the problems of the vertically challenged women in the world.

Shopping can be a nightmare when nothing fits correctly.

Everything hangs off like a bag. The ladies and junior department cloths can be too big, while the children’s department clothing are not age appropriate, and specialty stores are too expensive.

The confusion and frustration can be over whelming to someone trying to look for one particular piece.

Vantrell Cross, 22, a senior business administration student from Tallahassee standing at 5-feet-4 inches said, “Jeans are hard to come by, there is always something that i
s off. It will fit the thigh but not on the hip, or it will fit on the bottom and not on the waist.”
Fortunately, they have been a couple of interesting tips to help those needing a bit of height to their frame.

According to Clinton Kelly and Stacy London, hosts of TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” petite women should select items with vertical seeming or stripes, this visual illusion will lengthen the body as well as give visual interest to clothes.

Additionally, hems on skirts, shorts, and dresses should not go any further than below the knee. London also recommends high heels to give an instant boost in height.
Secondly, a small stature woman must pay attention to shapes.

Nefetari Dennare, 18, a computer engineering and graphic design student from Tallahassee standing at 5-feet-5 inches said, “You’ll find the perfect shirt and it will be too big or small in the chest. They should have a department just for bottoms.”

Bradley Bayou the author of “The Science of Sexy” tells small women to wear clothing that fits close to the body and drapes. Consider jackets and dresses with princess seems.

He also recommends baby-doll, empire waist, and wrap tops and dresses to create a waist.
The goal is to look taller and balance the curves needed to make a look.

Although there are many shopping challenges for short women, the reward of being able to wear something that fits and looks good on you far out weighs the difficulties of navigating through the racks of clothes.