Living off campus means better budgeting

Penny-pinching is the story of the lives of so many struggling and independent college students. It is even more a reality for those reluctant to phone home for help.

The unstable economy has put unemployment at 9.7 percent, according to the Department of Labor’s March 5 report.

This is a scary prospect considering many college students have their housing needs sponsored or subsidized by their parents.

In the midst of the economic uncertainty, it is important that students who live off campus- fi nd ways to save money.

“It’s getting harder every semester to continue living off campus; you can only work so many hours while going to school, and inflation is still here,” said Shane Williams, a fourth year political science student from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Many students have trouble making ends meet. So it is
vital for everyone to try and bargain-hunt in order to save money to live comfortably.

As unglamorous as the poverty-driven college experience is, there are ways to offset personal destitution.

Students who live close to campus can save gas by walking or joining a carpool to school. If you drive, staying at school all day can also save gas.

When we think of roommates privacy does not come to mind, but getting roomates can mean cheaper rent in many places.Many restaurants have food specials on certain nights.

If you go to Hobbit Hoagies on Thursdays, you can get 49 cent wings instead of paying full price any other night.

Purchasing a meal plan can be more convenient in some cases; you will not have to worry about grocery bills and it can be paid for through school accounts.

In contrast, students who work at least 20 hours are eligible to receive food stamps.

As proposetrous as it may seem, it is possible to survive in an
apartment where cable is not included.

The monthly bill may seem manageable at first, but costs can quickly spur out of control within a couple of months. Some ways to save money
while going out to a club are go free before the designated time, carpool and only drink if there are specials.

Students who are not native to Tallahassee go home often during the semester, but if you wait to go home during major holidays, it can save travel expenses.

Also, riding together in groups can help if everyone splits the gas cost.

As college students, we are expected to struggle with finances. So it is important for us to stay recession proof and take part only in activities and events that are cheap and affordable.