PINK launches new “Spring Breakout” Tour

Victoria’s Secret’s collegiate line, PINK, launched their new limited edition spring line at FAMU Park this past Monday. PINK was on FAMUs campus from 10a.m. to 5 p.m. selling merchandise from their new collection. “I was drawn to the event by the music. It was so exciting and colorful. I think it’s great to have an event like this on campus, they gave us a nice variety to choose from,” said Mashonda Gibson, 19, a fourth year psychology student from Havana, Fla.This is not the first time PINK has been to FAMU. They are currently on their “Spring Breakout,” campus tour 2010. According to Brooke Joy, PINK’s event & campus marketing coordinator, this will not be the last time PINK comes to FAMU. “We have gained a lot of school spirit from FAMU. I definitely don’t get a small school atmosphere from this campus. There’s a very good vibe, we love being here and we will definitely be returning,” said Joy. Joy said the traffic of students was steady and was on average the same as larger universities. ” I could tell when classes were out, there would be a flood of students, When classes were in things quieted down a bit,” said Joy. Some promotions PINK offered at the event included receiving a $5 limited edition spring break tank with any purchase. Another giveaway included receiving a free PINK book bag tote with every purchase. Gabrielle Johnson, 20, 2nd year nursing student from Atlanta Ga., is a member of PINK”s campus street team. “I met a lot of people today at the event. I enjoyed looking at all the clothes; but my favorite part was trying to persuade others to buy the merchandise.” Johnson heard about the PINK street team opportunity through an email and attended the interest meeting prior to this semester. There were over five street team members present and hundreds of students coming and going.“I remember the Victoria Secret bringing the pop up store out last year; I was interested then in being a part of the team,” said Shamara Gibbons, 19, 2nd year public relations student from Orlando Fla. She is also a member of PINK’s street team. Gibbons said, “A lot of students have been purchasing items that cannot be found in stores. Most of our sales have been from students preparing for spring break. ” Tyja Robinson, 21, 3rd year nursing student from Atlanta, Ga., said, “I came to specifically look for items for spring break.” Robinson was busy shopping when approached about her experience. “I love the fact that pink continues to visit our HBCU. I remember when they first came here, I would still like to see them more often,” said Robinson. Victoria Secret Pink is encouraging everyone to become a member of Pink Nation and sign up at to get exclusive offers.Krystal Lee, 23, a fourth year health science student from Kingston., Jamaica, visited the PINK site today on campus. Lee said, “Although I didn’t purchase anything today, I did go on the website and register to receive free promotions in the future.”PINK‘s campaign was considered an overall success. They sold out of most of their top promoted items.