Rally in Tally

On Thursday, the Florida Students Association sponsored an event to promote the New Florida Initiative, which is designed to increase university funding.
FSA is requesting the appropriation of $100 million for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. This is designed to be a five to seven year plan for long-term investment in the State University System.
The system recently faced budget cuts to the tune of $577 million, with Florida A&M facing $30 million in alone. University leaders believe that this new initiative will bring them to a halt.
“The budget cuts cannot continue,” said President Ammons. “Supports from the students, the Board of Governors, and the legislature.
Rep. Alan Williams is also in strong support of the initiative.
“We cannot balance our budget on the backs of students,” said Williams who also emphasized the importance of placing schools first. “It’s about priorities. It’s about less money on prisons, less money on big business, and more on schools.”