Hometown heroes: Live blog


I’m not one for cliches, but this season really has been one of ups and downs.  Beating UF and USF count as ups.  Losing to Maryland-Eastern Shore counts as a down.  It is almost hard to believe that after such a hot start these ladies would be battling for fifth place in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. 

Tonight is interesting for a number of reason.  For the first time in eight years these girls are assured a winning season.  This game will literally decide fifth place in the conference.  It is senior night.  Qiana Donald has the chance to lead the MEAC in rebounds.  Florida A&M already handled Bethune-Cookman once this season.

Tip off is in about thirty seconds.


We’re seeing some serious aggression going on today. The only shots that have not been taken from in the paint so far have been foul shots. This actually works out pretty well, considering Donald and Antonia Bennet outsize just about everyone on the team. Bethune-Cookman is a scrappy bunch though. Euneshia Proctor and Sarah Bolden are doing their fair share from the field and are keeping the game out of reach for the Lady Rattlers so far.

5-8, BCU with 15:56 left in the half.


I guess LaShonda Gaines and Jalisa Isaac got tired of the whole inside game thing. Two back to back threes by Gaines and one by Isaac and suddenly we have a tie game. It is interesting how things happen as I type sentences. Tameka McKelton wanted in on the fun as well. Back to back threes from her.

20-15, FAMU with 11:20 left in the half.


Well this is nice. McKelton averages 14 points per game. She has 11 in the first ten minutes of this game.

24-17, FAMU with 10:00 left in the half.


Tonight has been a tale of two issues. The first issue is the technical difficulties we’ve been experiencing here at the press table. No Internet, computers freezing and Tameka McKelton almost crushing the radio broadcast people have been a few troubles we’ve experienced.

The second issue is a bit more of a problem for Bethune-Cookman. Florida A&M is dominating. Offensively and defensively these woman put their collective foot on Bethune-Cookman’s throat. McKelton has 14 already, and every outside shooter has hit at least one three pointer so far. Bennett, who put up back to back 20+ point games during the road trip has 13, including a buzzer-beater at the end of the half.

45-28, FAMU at the half.


I’m almost afraid to try and post.  The Internet has been decidedly indecisive around here.  Hopefully it can stick with us until the end of the game.

I do not know if the Lady Rattlers have gotten complacent with their lead or if they are just incapable of playing well when Jones is on the bench, but this is not what I watched in the first half.   I saw domination in the first half, and now I’m seeing fear and sloppy play. 

The Wildcats are enjoying a 9-0 run, courtesy of Jasmine Grice.

56-43, FAMU with 12:00 left in the game.


Surprise, Jones is back in and the Lady Rattlers are showing some composure.  McKelton put an end to the scoring run by the Wildcats and the defense is back up.

59-43, FAMU with 11:06 left in the game.


Qiana Donald is down.  I do not think there has been worse news since Michael Jordan announced he was retiring.  She took a hard foul and got to know the floor up close and personal.  She is still clutching her back, but she’s moving around and even smiling on the bench so here’s hoping it is nothing serious.

61-45, FAMU with 10:11 left in the game.


It is official:  Donald is all right.  She’s moving around, smiling and it looks like she’s ready to go back in the game.  Meanwhile, any thoughts of a comeback by the Wildcats have long been silenced.  The Lady Rattlers are playing with composure again, and the lead is a large is at has been all night.

67-48, FAMU with 7:33 left in the game.


Sarah Bolden is not a bad player.  She is Bethune-Cookman’s leading scorer right now.  She is also the first player ever to airball a free throw in the Al Lawson Center.  Not exactly a distinct honor, but still a feat nonetheless. 

73-54, FAMU with 5:40 left in the game.


This is the kind of game head coaches have nightmares about.  A 20-point lead is destroyed thanks to sloppy play and turnovers.  The Wildcats are enjoying a 12-1 run, and for the Lady Rattlers it could not have come at a worse time.

74-68, FAMU with 1:00 left in the game.  No that is not a typo.