End game: Live blog

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It’s senior night here at the Al Lawson Center.  Tip off against the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats is 20 minutes away.  Stay tuned for live updates from the game tonight.


The Rattlers lost to South Carolina State on Monday 91-65, and they are going to try to pick up a win against the Tigers before the MEAC tournament begins next week.  Florida A&M has an overall record of 8-21 and 4-11 in the MEAC.

The Wildcats defeated Winston-Salem State 66-45 on Monday.  Bethune-Cookman has an overall record of 16-14, and a conference record of 7-8.  The game tonight should be an exciting contest, we’re still 10 minutes from tip off.  Stay tuned.   


The ball game has started.  As folks continue to file in, the Rattlers are on the court taking care of business.  There are a lot of spectators in the stands, and it’s the biggest turnout for a game in the Al Lawson Center that I’ve seen all season.  Let’s see if the Rattlers can capitalize with the home court advantage. 

3-2 FAMU


The Rattlers are down early against the Wildcats.  Freshman Amin Stevens has all eight points for the Rattlers.  He’s going to need some help from his team if the Rattlers are going to have a chance at winning.

21-8 BCU


Help has arrived and the Rattlers appear to be getting it together.  FAMU has cut the lead down and kept the turnovers to a minimum.  There is five minutes left in the first half so there is plenty of time for the Rattlers to come back. 

24-15 BCU 


It’s halftime at the Al Lawson Center.  The Rattlers are still trailing, but the lead is not insurmountable.  Let’s hope for a few runs and a comeback in the second half.

28-22 BCU 


Amin Stevens is picking up where he left off in the first half.  He led the Rattlers with eight points in the first half, and started the second half with a three-pointer from the top of the key.

32-25 BCU (17:50 left to play)


The Senior from Tuscaloosa, Ala., Brandon Bryant just sank his first three-pointer of the evening, and hopefully it won’t be his last.  This is Bryant’s last game in the Al Lawson Center and I’m sure he wants to make it memorable. 

38-34 BCU (14:30 left to play)


The Rattlers have taken the lead for the first time since early in the first half.  It seems like they cant miss from long range.  They have made three three-pointers to take a one point lead.

41-40 FAMU (11:00 left to play)


The Rattlers are starting to pull away from the Wildcats.  Hughes just scored on a lay up and he was fouled, so he’ll be shooting a free throw in addition.  We just need to hold on for a few more minutes, and victory will be ours.

52-46 FAMU (5:55 left to play)


It’s crunch time.  There’s a little over two minutes left in regulation and the Rattlers still have the lead.  The gym is still packed, and no one is heading for the exits early.  This will be a big win for the Rattlers if they can hold on.  The MEAC tournament is next week and the team will feel much more confident if they can go to the tournament with a victory.

63-55 FAMU (2:04 left to play)


That’s the ball game folks.  Larry Jackson made two clutch free throws to help secure the victory.  The Rattlers, and senior Brandon Bryant, should be proud.  They fought hard tonight and they deserve the victory.  Congrats to the Rattlers, and good luck to Brandon Bryant in the future.

69-64FAMU (final)