College students in spiritual dilemma

Throughout college, many students focus so much on building their resumes that everything else slips their mind. The thrill of coming to college and entering a new environment causes some students to put their spiritual lives on the backburner.

Many students do not go to church, so some try reading their Bible and praying daily.

Partying, clubbing, socializing and studying may be things that many college students focus on but is there any room for a spiritual life? It is easy to remember getting ready for the club or strolling on the Set, but minds go blank when asked have you read your Bible?
Many people believe those who spend all night in the club and cannot wake up for church are full of excuses.

“I feel that if you can stand in the club line all night you can get up for God,” said Anetra Ingram, 20, a third-year business administration student from Orlando.

All the opportunities to get involved with activities on campus make it hard for some students to attend church like they want to. On the other hand, some believe the spiritual life should be put first no matter what.

Trenton Kirksey, 20, collegiate choir director at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church believes without God he is nothing but with God he can do everything.

“If God is behind instead of in front, if he is the co-pilot and not the pilot, if he is the assistant manager instead of the general manager then everything is going to be corrupt and out of order,” said Kirksey.

Students can party and study but that equation just might be missing something.
Rev. Devin Wright of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church said students should stop generalizing God as a Sunday morning savior.

“We’ve got to remember God is the giver and sustainer of life,” said Wright.

Wright also said it is good to have those professors who are always on your side, it is good to have that special group of friends who always have your back and it is good to have all the love in the world from that significant other or your parents, but sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes you need the love, help and guidance from the father above.

Balancing your spiritual, social and school life can be difficult for some. However priorities can help to balance it all.