What are you doing for Spring Break?

It is March and that can mean only one thing; spring break is right around the corner. Students across the country will embark to destinations domestically and overseas. However, one Florida destination for many students has ousted a popular host.

“I am going to Panama City for the break. I heard that Drake and Lil’ Wayne had a free concert last year on the beach. It is also not that far away, so gas won’t be much of a problem,” said Nathaniel Hatten, a third-year business administration student.

However, mtvU has moved their popular spring break party to Acapulco Bay, Mexico. According to newsherald.com, the city ousted the contract with mtvU after two people were stabbed with broken beer bottles last year during the Lil’ Wayne concert sponsored by the network.

Panama City is still a frequent attraction for some FAMU students. The city is home to mega clubs like Club La Vela, the largest nightclub in the United States. There are beach parties and clubs that stay open to 4 a.m. The vacation spot is also known for its scuba diving, snorkeling and beautiful coral reefs.

However, some students are hesitant to travel to places where other college students flock.

“I’m going to Atlanta with my friend. I honestly don’t want to be around too many people or beaches,” said Shacara Lyman, a third-year psychology student from West Palm Beach. “We can just relax and go out, do some shopping and slow down for a little bit before we head back to Tallahassee and are bombarded with homework and jobs.”

While some students have their mind set a on a destination for spring break, others are getting their bodies toned for destinations such as South Beach in Miami.

“I’ve been in the gym for a little while making sure my body looks right,” said Kenneil Walker, a third-year computer-engineering student from Miami.

South Beach is known for its beautiful sand and water. Temperatures are normally around 83 degrees during spring break. Celebrities can be spotted out of a crowd.

Ocean drive is alive every night. Restaurant and bar Wet Willies is a good place to be during the day. Nightclubs like Sobe Live on Washington Avenue is sure to leave FAMU students with a good dose of leisure.

While Panama City is the closest place to party, Atlanta is always a great place to stay, but nothing is like South Beach.

For the top ten popular spring break destinations, go to http://studenttravel.about.com.