Accountability dead at DRS

For the past year, the Florida A&M Developmental Research Center has been plagued with a list of misfortunes.

With the construction of new buildings and facilities, one would think the school should be operating at full capacity and highly competitive.

However, when someone takes a look at FAMU DRS, this simply is not the case.

Under-the-table politics are believed to have played a role in the schools fall from grace.

Under the supervision of Superintendent Ronald Holmes, whose brother is FAMU trustee R.B Holmes, Jr., the school has dropped from a “C” to “D” grade on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test last year. Enrollment has only reached 544 students as opposed to the projected 600 for the new facility.

As a result of bad budgeting and poor recruitment, by March 31, the school is forced to ask its stakeholders for $175,000.

To some this news may appear baffling. For me, it is not a surprise.

Many are questioning whether the FAMU Board of Trustees actually care about the academic welfare of the school or their own status and position.

Should the community blame the BOT, unconcerned parents or President Ammons?

Under-the-table politics has played a role in society for years, however, it becomes a problem when students and their learning facility are suffering. Parents should raise their concerns now more than ever.

The FAMU community as a whole should band together to rectify this situation. Get those who hurt the community out and hold them accountable for their actions, or in this case for not making a move at all.

FAMU DRS should restore its once esteemed position and be able to compete with Florida State DRS and University of Florida DRS.