Cold weather does not deter students spring break plans

Spring break is almost here. This is typically the best time of year for college students because it symbolizes the end to hardest part of the semester. Once they make it to spring break, the rest of the semester seems like a breeze.

All across campus students are making vacation plans, securing hotel rooms in tropical locations and collecting gas money for their spring break trips.

Unfortunately, here it is one week from spring break, and students are still clad with vest, hats and gloves. “Unseasonably cold” is an understatement for the recent weather that Tallahassee and the rest of the country endured the past couple of months.

People who plan to vacation in Northern Florida may not get the experience they are expecting and may be surprised when they hit the water.

The National Weather Service in Tallahassee predicts light snowfall for this weekend.
Although the chance of precipitation is fairly low, between 20 and 40 percent, the very thought of snow, one week before spring break, should bring chills to students.

The cold weather may cause problems for tourist-heavy locations such as Panama City Beach, that anticipate influxes of college co-eds to crowd its beaches every spring.

Students will go to the beaches regardless. No one is going to cancel his or her plans just because it is a little chilly.

The cold weather will not be an issue for too much longer, and warmer days are ahead. According to the National Weather Service average temperatures are expected for March.

But for the students whose spring break falls in the first half of March, they may want to travel a bit farther south if they want to get in the water. 

The temperatures dropped into the 20s during February. It will warm up slightly by early March, but temperatures are not going to be ideal beach weather in Northwest Florida.
Students in Northwest Florida should focus on being safe, staying warm and making it to class that following Monday, while they are partying during the break.