Tennis players battle for number one

The number one and two players for the Florida A&M Men’s Tennis team will be competing throughout the 2010 season as they both jock for the top position for the team.

Florida A&M Men’s Tennis senior David Jackson is the number one ranked player on the team and he is currently tied for the most wins in team single player matches with a record of (3-4). Returning junior Michael Moore is the team’s number 2 ranked player with a (2-5) record in men’s single matches and has a .500 winning record in men’s doubles matches of (3-3).

During the first half of the season, the Florida A&M Men’s Tennis has struggled to earn wins with an overall record of (1-6) in competition, but both Jackson and Moore intend to lead the team back to a winning record.

Jackson and Moore are doubles partners and the two say they are able to push each other in order to evolve as overall players in their progression to the next level.

“Along with being doubles partners, we are really close we live in the same house so everything to us is a competition,” said Moore. ” Just being more consistent in both singles and doubles matches will get us to where we want to be. We both want to win, so if we are out there practicing we are going to compete our hardest and if anything that makes us better on the court.”

Senior David Jackson said that practice between him and his doubles partner sets the tone for the intensity that is displayed by the veteran teammate.

“Practices are very competitive because we always try to make them like they are matches, you have to practice how you would play in a match because if you don’t it will definitely show during the actual match,” said Jackson.

Florida A&M head coach Dr. Carl Goodman says nothing comes easy as players look to earn their spots and both Jackson and Moore have qualities that allow them to be front runners for the top spots.

“David’s competitiveness really brings out the total asset of his game, when you look at him playing he really has everything, he is really tall, athletic and has a lot of power in his game,” said Goodman. “Michael is really a smooth player, he moves the ball around and doesn’t miss a lot, he tries to break you down and Michael’s winning record speaks for itself because he has been so consistent playing and has won over ninety percent of his singles matches.”

Goodman expects both Jackson and Moore to lead by example in terms of team leadership skills, being vocal leaders on the court and also leading by their level of play during practice and matches.

“Really just the experience, as collegiate players they have been around quite a bit playing the majority of the tournaments we have played, the fact that some of the players are kind of new on the team the two guys know what to expect, they know what to do and they know how to motivate our players when they are out there playing.

Jackson and Moore are (3-3) as doubles partners and the two captains have aspirations of winning their first Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference championship before they leave Florida A&M.