Applebee’s karaoke night, the new hot spot for Tallahassee college students

There is a new Wednesday night craze that has the city of Tallahassee talking. Karaoke night at Applebee’s is the reason a lot of surrounding restaurants have been quieter than usual on Wednesday nights. The energetic, fun-filled environment is why this idea is nothing less than a hit.Karaoke night is equipped with a variety of music for its participants to choose from. However, performing is not a requirement to indulge in the festivities.Jasmine Patterson , 22, a fourth-year political science student from Roosevelt, N.Y. said, “Applebee’s on Wednesdays is a time for my friends and I to come relax and enjoy good music.”Although many consider Wednesday a hump day, the weekend can still seem far away for many students. Public administration student Ciara Henry, 24, a graduate student from Hollandale said, “The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. It’s a time to escape the stress of school and unwind.” Unwinding is just what a lot of people do at karaoke night. Besides the food, there are alcoholic beverages available to those who are 21 and older.The environment is a nice one for collecting thoughts and also serves as a temporary outlet for those who are overwhelmed.Whether one works from nine to five or has lecture classes Monday through Friday, Applebee’s is a place for everyone.Stanley Hardy, 19, a second-year business administration student from Miami said, “It’s a relaxed place to gain your nerves back from a long week of frustrating responsibilities.” Anyone who chooses to do so can live out their dreams of being a star by singing on the microphone. For those who are too timid to step outside of their comfort zone; there are many bold people for anyone to live vicariously through. Many students are finding time to fit karaoke night into their weekly agendas. It is considered a guaranteed good time from hassle to stress. Tayvon Hawkins, 18, a first-year pre-med student from Edgewood, Md. said, “This is my first karaoke night and it has been a great experience. I will definitely be coming here at least twice a month from now on.”The staff is friendly, moving very fast to bring food and drinks to tables, despite the congested environment. Anthony D. Edwards, 23, a fourth-year criminal justice student from Atlanta said, “This is a different experience from anything I’ve ever participated in. I encourage everyone to try it once.”

Check online for video footage from Karaoke Wednesday’s at Applebee’s.