RuPaul released new book on titled Workin It!

A new novel has hit the shelves and it’s unique content is causing a major buzz.Please do not judge this book by its cover. RuPaul’s “Workin’ It!” is a guide to life for individuals who live life with an edgy sense of style. RuPaul touches on topics such as personality character traits, individualistic rights and finding a sense of style. The book is filled with many vibrant, bold and colorful pictures of RuPaul to give the readers a taste of an eclectic variety of styles. The glamorous diva even explains how to perfect make-up and get a tight and firm celebrity behind. The author even gives readers a guide to styling hair based on physical body type. It has been discovered that the appearance of the book is just an added incentive once the text of the book is taken into consideration.This book is inspirational with a goal of instilling confidence into all of its readers. However, its nothing like the average novel full of boring content and quotes.The words seem to jump off the page and into the ears of readers as if RuPaul were speaking aloud in person.Ru speaks about past experiences and gives advice based on knowledge. The trend-setter speaks shamelessly about the steps that must be taken to master a toned body, and getting a colon cleanse is encouraged to obtain a flat stomach.“Workin’ It!” also explains why it is that RuPaul is not uncomfortable at all dressing in drag. This may seem like a big deal to many considering that there is such a stigma behind cross-dressing in the African-American community. The presence of confidence is evident in all of Ru’s photos and it can be felt while reading her novel. Ru stresses in “Workin’ It!” the need to be unashamed and fearless.This novel is a wonderful gift idea for women of all ages. Readers are guaranteed to have a blast reading this unique, thrill-filled book. This book is heavily recommended for the reader who is dealing with social insecurities, or feeling unsure about physical appearance.