Vice president Joe Biden and former vice president Dick Cheney becomes a wrestling smack down

The Los Angeles Times compared last Sunday’s debate between Vice President Joe Biden and former vice president Dick Cheney, to a wrestling “smack-down.”Americans were glued to their televisions as they watched the two political opposites spar in a heated debate over the Obama administration’s fight against terrorism. The public disagreement played back and forth across Sunday news programs like a tennis match. Biden appeared on a taped NBC special on Saturday night, allowing Cheney to respond Sunday on ABC’s This Week. The ongoing debate is over the best way to bring terrorist suspects to justice in the United States. The vice president took a swipe at Cheney by calling him “misinformed,” adding that the Iraq War was not worth it because of the “horrible price” that is being paid. Cheney, who has been a major critic of Obama, felt that the administration owed former President George W. Bush a “big thank you” for winding down the war in Iraq. He added that the Obama administration is “trying to pretend that the U.S. is not at war with terrorists. The result is that Americans are less safe,” said Cheney.Watching the debate was disturbing. For the past eight years, Americans have not heard a word from the former vice president until he was out of office. It was at this moment that Cheney became vocal and wanted to critique every move that the White House has made. Whether the Obama administration is wrong in handling terrorists is an opinion to be debated by the American people. Cheney’s opinions on the matter should be taken with a grain of salt. Many citizens would love to argue with Obama or Biden their views on foreign policy, however they do not have the platform to do so. Therefore, Cheney needs to take a back seat in politics and leave it to the current administration because when he had the chance, he did not use it.