“Valentine’s Day” puts a smile in spectators with its diverse celebrity cast

The Los Angeles love tale “Valentine’s Day” is a must see light-hearted film that both singles and those in relationships can relate to.

The movie will put a smile on your face the whole way through and not just because of the cultured actors and actresses that appear on the big screen. “Valentine’s Day” is stereotypical in the sense that it portrays couples as being overjoyed on the holiday, and singles in the movie treat the retail holiday as if it is just another day.

The hilarious punch lines and messy situations that intertwine the characters make this love story one to be remembered.

The movie features Ashton Kutcher (What Happens in Vegas), Jamie Foxx (Ray), Jessica Alba (Honey), George Lopez (George Lopez Show) and Queen Latifah (Beauty Shop), and many more celebrities.

The diverse cast definitely works in favor of the film because it attracts viewers from many different walks of life. The movie is a clear display of how love does not discriminate.

The film looks at love from the perspective of those who range in age from pre-teen to mid-life. Its rating of PG-13 is more than important because the viewers who fit the age criteria will be able to relate.

This film could easily be considered a family film due to its light-hearted nature, however, some of the content may be more confusing to adolescents as opposed to being inappropriate.

What makes this movie most unique is its original content.

Although on the surface the characters seem like your average people, once the movie revealed their personal lives, my eyes were glued to the screen. From friendly hugs and kisses to marriage proposals this film is a must see.

The movie also boasts a well-prepared soundtrack and has songs from artists.