Spring 2010 elections resulted in disqualifications and run-offs

After an intense week of campaigning, standing in 30-degree weather for hours on end, and more than 3,200 votes, students finally learned they would have to wait even longer. A run-off will be held for student body president between Gallop Franklin and Kristopher Gibson.

Early Wednesday morning the shock of the night was the disqualification of all the Miss FAMU candidates due to penalties from the point system. However, the Electoral Commission did not explain what the violations were for.

Kayla Simpson, a freshman from Orlando was surprised by the results. “Sunshine deserved to win, I can’t believe there is no Miss FAMU right now,” Simpson said. After the announcement from the electoral commission Simpson was not the only voter in disbelief.

Mark King, a junior elementary education student from New Jersey didn’t even know what to say, “I have no words, I have been waiting for hours and I’m still waiting,” King Said.
As of now the electoral commission has not provided a concrete reason for the disqualifications. Amber Gray, elections and appointments chairwoman from Jackson, Miss., said that the voter turnout this year was great and she is expecting a great turnout for the run-offs.

“It was great seeing the candidates work hard, the elections were tremendously close,” said Gray. “Over 3,200 people turned out to vote.” A run-off will be held for Mr. FAMU between Rontel Batie and Daniel Jenkins.

King of Orange and Green will be decided in a run-off election between Curtis A. Ford III and Quintin Love. Queen of Orange and Green will also be left up to a run-off election between Kierra Holiday and Marsha Jean-Jacques.

Shirelle Clark and Rikaleigh Johnson are in a run-off for junior attendant.

In one of the few conclusive wins of the night, Staci Holloway and Justin McCorvey have been elected sophomore president and vice president. Chelsea Easterling will hold the position of Sophomore attendant.

The winners for the junior senator positions are Barry Archie II, Brandon Armstrong, Monet Fraser, Jon May, Moniques Mussio, Lacee Rodgers, Iman Sandifer and Marissa West. Followed by Devin Cole and Cheryce Knox as the newly elected senior president and vice president. Lastly, Rayvin Julien is the new graduate attendant.

The Electoral Commission will announce the dates for the candidate run-offs.

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