15 Spring 2010 FAMU election questions

1. Will student government allocate more stimulus money to students?

2. Will the new elected President and Vice President be under the scrutiny and
advisement of a new advisor?

3. Will SGA be able to put a stop to members of the secret society Sons and Daughters from making their way into open position.

4. Will there be any money to pave and smooth the parking lots near Ardelia Court?

5. What is the screening process for students to become cabinet members?

6. Is the pool behind Gaither gym ever going to get fi xed? Itʼs an eye sore.

7. Will student parking on campus be expanded?

8. Will students be given detailed explanations as to why they are not chosen
for SGA positions?

9. How is SGA going to keep personal Greek preference from playing a role in selecting its participants?

10. Now that the FAMU Police Department is running low on money, how will we
keep crime rates down?

11. Will there be any programs implemented to help assist in fi nancial situations of out of state students?

12. What can be done to help better FAMU wireless? It does not seem to be a reliable

13. Will there be more money allocated to the band for scholarships considering
that they have made some pretty important public appearances?

14. Will there be a plan to get more people involved in campus community service?
(outside of clubs and organizations).

15. Can we find it in the SGA budget to have a professional cleaning service to
come and clean up campus? Sometimes it looks a mess and is polluted with fl yers
and trash.

Where did we get these questions from?
These are questions that were asked by
students across campus on Monday.1. Will Student Government allocate more stimulus money to students?